Saturday, November 27, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY.................268 days to go!

Well, faithful readers and friends, I have been very remiss in my posting.  Around this time of year, I always become lost in the holidays and in school (the pre-finals rush! Yay....?).  However, now that there is a calm before the storm of Christmas and Finals, AND it is Black Friday, I figured I should write SOMETHING!

So, Black Friday. I did not shop for ANYTHING today. I didn't buy a single Christmas gift, I definitely didn't buy anything for myself, and I actually didn't buy anything as small as a cup of coffee.  I guess I remember Black Friday's rise to fame. It used to be an occasion only the bravest of the brave traveled out to enjoy. But now it is a retailer's heyday, and everyone participates. I guess I have trouble getting behind that, unless there is a truly phenomenal deal to be had (and let's be honest, no one wants to get up at 5 a.m. after a giant Thanksgiving feast to acquire any deals).

I suspect it is time for a real CHALLENGE UPDATE since I'm almost 100 days down (I think? Bad at math...why I'm in law school....HA!). Aside from the fact that I have most of the Christmas gifts for people that I need, I've felt lately like it all just doesn't matter that much.  Somehow, this no-new-clothes challenge has really made me realize how little I need all that. I already have good clothes, I don't need new ones. It's turned off the consumerist switch that corporate America installed inside of my brain (Yes, I'm gonna blame corporate America here:)).  Today, I was brainstorming a few final gifts to get....and I realized that I hadn't thought about buying clothes for a long, long time. I didn't even miss it. And that, my friends, felt FABULOUS :). 

In the meantime, I found much joy in hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.  Also, for the first time, most of my husband and my families gathered together on a holiday.  It was very special, and I had a wonderful time preparing a good dinner, and setting a pretty table.  I enjoy few things more than having time with my loved ones, and serving up some good eats! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, with another wonderful holiday to come in a month:)

My First Thanksgiving Table (Before dinner was served!):

(I got a great deal on some napkin rings that you can draw on with markers....they double as place cards because you can write everyone's name on them! It was a fun little table addition).


  1. I choose too not to participate in Black Friday for the first time in 4 years and it felt great to not care! Good for you for your new found insight. I am learning alot from my blog as well.

  2. I hate Black Friday (hate crowds, so...) I always hide inside from it. This year the weather was too nice and we ended up taking a walk. It was worth it still to not be close to the shopping frenzy. Glad to avoid that!!!
    Thanksgiving is the best. Good friends and family and good food.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about turning the consumerism switch off in your brain! I've started getting more creative and I've found that it's more fun than buying what's out there! Plus I'm a picky shopper- 9 times out of 10 I'd leave the mall empty handed because I couldn't find what I liked!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and keep up the good work on your challenge!

  4. There is no sale that could entice me to shop on Black Friday... not even if they were GIVING things away. I'd rather not shop from then 'til after Christmas actually. Can't stand the crowds.

    More and more, I'm loving online shopping-- Way more variety, easy to compare prices, and no lines;0)