Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not buying clothes = spending more on "beauty" products.....295 days to go!!

Ok, I have to admit, I have been spending more on beauty products.  Much like one gets a little boost when wearing a new item of clothing, one can get a little boost from bumping up their appearance with a new hair product or lipstick.  Now, for me to say that I have been spending more on beauty products isn't saying much. I use the cheapest moisturizer I can buy, I use Purpose face soap, cover girl and wet n' wild cosmetics (and not many, at that), Suave for hair....etc. But, lately, with the appearance of a couple of great sales, I have purchased a few beauty products I normally wouldn't.

I've only spent maybe $10-$12 on beauty stuff in the past couple months. And I discovered a fabulous lipstick that was only $1.19....

It's by NYC and it is called "Red Flame." It is kind of a muted, matte Red with gold flecks. It is really subtle on...more so than many red lipsticks. I am not really a "red lipstick" kind of gal generally, but I do like this. It reminds me of a shade of lipstick I loved at Clinique when I worked there. But, needless to say, the price is much nicer! And I actually like the finish of the NYC lipstick better.

Also, I guess for me the thing is that  I always used clothes as a way to "better" myself instantly. A new sweater in a vibrant color could really make me feel more vibrant and pretty, especially when faced with the winter doldrums.  However, I do think that buying a new lipstick vs. buying a new sweater is the more economical choice. And, like I said, it isn't as if I have gone crazy... in other words, no $85 lip gloss here! Seriously, Burberry is selling an $85 lipgloss. WHY?!?!

I have, however, been noticing how much we've saved with my No Shopping policies! Sometimes it takes NOT doing something for awhile to realize a) it is not really needed and b) it is a good thing not to do it. Shopping is like that for me. With a few exceptions, I have realized I don't really need new stuff, and that there are positive consequences for layin' off the clothes-crack.

In other news, my supercrazybusy time in school is simmering down a little, so I will get back to posting some more clothes alterations and transformations soon!!

Also, on a technical note, I received word that a friend of mine left a comment, but I never received it or saw it.  So, I am wondering if I am having some technical issues on this blog. If you've had a problem with commenting or posting something, please let me know! I love everyone's comments and it upsets me to think that I could be missing some of them.

Hope you all have an excellent Halloween tomorrow, as well:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween without buying anything new....300 days to go!

I'm officially 65 days down, a little over 2 months, and it has been surprisingly easy so far. Every once in awhile I have an "I want that!" pang, but it's very rare, and more because I've found something practical I know I would get a lot of use out of. 

However, when I arrive at situations like Halloween, I really wish I could get a costume! I haven't dressed up for awhile, so I don't have a costume stock pile. So, I need to come up with something creative with what I have, and I just dunno what to do. I thought about being Joan from Mad Men, but I don't have Red Hair (or the curves, but that's not a big deal! Ha ha!).  I'm really gonna have to think on this one! If you can think of any good costume ideas, let me know!! Getting a little risque or crazy with it is fine too!

So tell me, what are YOU gonna be for Halloween!?!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Already Have Christmas On My Mind!!!....304 days to go

And no, it is not because I want people to buy me clothes:). Actually, I really can't think of any items of apparel that I NEED right now. Although, Nordstrom Rack (heaven for bargain shoppers who love high end brands!) is now online, and they have some good stuff.... However, it is not really that tempting. I'm 61 days down, 304 days to go and more excited about shopping for OTHERS than EVER!

Now, full disclosure on my own gift Mom and Dad did get me a pair of jeans. However, I did not ask them to, and it was a total surprise. One of my original rules is that I can accept clothing gifts, but I cannot ask for clothing gifts. So, that was really nice of them.  And, a nice little clothing infusion!

Now, about Christmas gifts. I find the key to getting good deals on Christmas gifts is to start shopping 3-4 months early! Although I can't really tell exactly what great deals I've found lately (in case any of my loved ones are reading...), I can say that I have a healthy jump start on my Christmas shopping. I found great deals on some clothing items for a family member, some really nice "add-on" gifts for the ladies in my life (there are so many, you know), and we are still hunting for some awesome gifts for our parents. But, having a leg up on Christmas not only eases the mind, but the pocketbook. 

To look for Christmas deals, I just check every day! I mentioned them before, in this post, which tells all about how to use effectively...  Every few days, I'll find a screamin' deal that I know one of my loved ones would love. That's how I handle the folks I don't know what to get. But, for the folks that I DO have a gift in mind, checking slickdeals helps too...I keep a list in my head of the items I want to get for people, and just check for them on slickdeals every day while I look for other good gift deals.

Also, I love browsing for gifts for my female friends. You are sure to get something unique, usually hand made, and you're benefiting the seller and their craft or trade. It's a win-win as far as I can tell!

Responsible living and anti-consumerism are not part of the overall message of my blog, although they are things that I care about on a personal level. However, I just wanted to give a nod to the idea of giving donations to local charities as a Christmas gift. It's the perfect thing for someone who has everything. A couple years ago, I gave my in-laws and and my parents both a card, in addition to their gift, that said that I had donated a turkey to the food share in their name, so that the less fortunate can have a turkey for Christmas. They both really appreciated it, and I know someone else probably did too.

Now, I do have to admit that shopping for others definitely fills any shopping void that was there, though I am not sure how much of one was there really. But, I actually like it more. I like feeling like I just spent money on someone I love instead of myself. 

In other news, I'm terribly behind on posting, it is mid-term season in school, and I've had lots of tests and projects. But, I promise my lackadaisical approach to the blog will not be permanent:). Thanks for stopping by today, good luck with any early Christmas shopping you may do!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Siren Song of Old Navy....312 days to go!!!

I've had a checkered past with Old Navy.  I always liked the low prices, but issues of pants fit, sweater quality and inconsistent sizing always held me back.  However, in recent years, especially this season, things are gettin' fashionable up in thur!

Old Navy has started doing Knock Offs of J.Crew items. Anyone who knows me knows that I love J.Crew. Hell, most people I know love J.Crew. J.Crew is awesome. And hella spendy! So, Old Navy knock offs are not only tantalizing and stylish, they are practical!

I have the J.Crew version of this dress. The J.Crew one has a higher quality fabric, but it was a lot more expensive, and they really look exactly the same, especially in person. 

This of the moment dress is truly lovely...I kinda want to either a) buy it or b) just snuggle with it for a bit:

And, shoes. Old Navy shoes really are pretty comfortable. And these are just SO cute!

Also, Old Navy has started some good sales in the past couple years. My favorites are when they have 50% off existing clearance. You can get t-shirts for $1, sweaters for $2, etc. They have especially good clearances for men! I know some people who have gotten most of their wardrobe from those clearances. And they look pretty darn good all the time!

So, today, my brother-in-law was in town. And we went to Old Navy. And I figured out the key to not getting anything...Don't *really* LOOK! Because, let's face it, when you go shopping, you have to LOOK to find the things you want. So, if you just put blinders on, and ignore the in style J.Crew knock offs..everything goes well. I've seen cute items on my classmates and in commercials, but without looking for those items in the store, I really don't WANT those lovely sweaters and ruffled shirts.

So, tell Old Navy hi for me. And Old Navy, you and I will look at exchanging some goods for money in about 312 days!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage + French = almost ended my experiment!!...316 days to go!

I've always had a fetish for French culture. The language, the clothes, the architecture, the FOOD, the style, the attitude...all of it. I love all of it. I've never actually been to France, but I hope to go someday. Until then, I satiate my fascination with books, movies, and occasionally hearing other people speak beautiful French (I tried to learn in college, I'm afraid I'm more of a Spanish learnin' gal!)

I also love love LOVE vintage things. I always liked antiques, but when I was in middle school, my sister got into thriftstore shopping. She found many beautiful vintage things and got me permanently hooked on  vintage style.  I love all eras, especially stuff from the 1940's - the 1960's. I love the housewares, the clothes, the hairdos and beauty tips...all of it.

So, I was looking at my friend's, and one of her sponsors was this amazing Esty shop. I saw the words "vintage" and "french" and before I knew it was clicking. It actually inspired me to say out loud "Holy Jesus...I LOVE THIS!!!" while sitting alone in my office. My dogs must think I am nuts. Actually, I think that they probably  just think I am boring because I am staring at a laptop instead of playing with them!

Anyway, are you ready for this? (Drumroll sounds....)

They have vintage French housewares, clothing, jewelry, even a vintage French WEDDING DRESS. And a sale section. OMG, it is FANTASTIC! I know I can buy the housewares, but the clothing items and jewelry are really want got my drooling:) She doesn't have a TON of items, but definitely enough to keep you interested! It almost broke me. Almost. Dammit, I wanted that black pencil skirt! But, I was strong:)

So, what genre of fashion/design/style sucks you in the easiest? Vintage French? Modern Italian? Mid-Century Canadian? (I kind of made up that last genre of fashion...). Fill me in!!:) Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What would you wear?....318 days to go!

I saw an interesting post somewhere asking what readers would eat for their last meal if they were on death row. While that is a morbid question, and brings up the inevitable political issues, I have a more cheery question, inspired by such thinking.... If you could only wear ONE OUTFIT for the rest of your life what would your outfit be? (and comfort/temperature changes are NOT an issue. Basically, you live in the perfectly temperate utopia and heels never hurt) 

I would wear my favorite little black dress, and my favorite nude high heels (3.5" tall). I'd keep it simple, and fabulous. Ha!

I can't wait to hear your answers.

Also, sorry for the lack of blog posts this past week, as I am sure you all understand, life has a funny way of taking control and derailing us sometimes! I'm back on it though. As far as a challenge update, I've had some challenges lately, seeing great clothes and good deals.  But, starting to early Christmas shop for my loved ones distracted me adequately. I find it VERY fun to shop for others, I love giving gifts. It's an even better feeling than getting something for myself! I'm sure many of you will agree. :)