Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage + French = almost ended my experiment!!...316 days to go!

I've always had a fetish for French culture. The language, the clothes, the architecture, the FOOD, the style, the attitude...all of it. I love all of it. I've never actually been to France, but I hope to go someday. Until then, I satiate my fascination with books, movies, and occasionally hearing other people speak beautiful French (I tried to learn in college, I'm afraid I'm more of a Spanish learnin' gal!)

I also love love LOVE vintage things. I always liked antiques, but when I was in middle school, my sister got into thriftstore shopping. She found many beautiful vintage things and got me permanently hooked on  vintage style.  I love all eras, especially stuff from the 1940's - the 1960's. I love the housewares, the clothes, the hairdos and beauty tips...all of it.

So, I was looking at my friend's, and one of her sponsors was this amazing Esty shop. I saw the words "vintage" and "french" and before I knew it was clicking. It actually inspired me to say out loud "Holy Jesus...I LOVE THIS!!!" while sitting alone in my office. My dogs must think I am nuts. Actually, I think that they probably  just think I am boring because I am staring at a laptop instead of playing with them!

Anyway, are you ready for this? (Drumroll sounds....)

They have vintage French housewares, clothing, jewelry, even a vintage French WEDDING DRESS. And a sale section. OMG, it is FANTASTIC! I know I can buy the housewares, but the clothing items and jewelry are really want got my drooling:) She doesn't have a TON of items, but definitely enough to keep you interested! It almost broke me. Almost. Dammit, I wanted that black pencil skirt! But, I was strong:)

So, what genre of fashion/design/style sucks you in the easiest? Vintage French? Modern Italian? Mid-Century Canadian? (I kind of made up that last genre of fashion...). Fill me in!!:) Have a great weekend all!


  1. Don't give in! Save your money!

  2. Thanks Katcoll:) I did, I did. It was just the first collection of things to REALLY make me drool since I started this! Haha

  3. The wedding dress is very sweet. I wish the clothes were shown modeled on people though!

    I can't narrow my style of clothing (or decorating) down to just one genre. I like such a smattering of seemingly unrelated things... I think I need an "expert" to come and analyze my style like they do on some of those decorating shows;0)

  4. I think I go for East Coast Prep most (sweater vests, argyle, tailored look). But I think that's a product of living there. If I could dress like a Kennedy, I'd probably be set for life. haha

  5. I go for the Mexican/Southwest/prep. Tailored look with a smattering of embroidery and turquoise.
    Oh, and that black pencil skirt is perfect.
    You can do it though!!

  6. n8swife, I agree, modeling the clothes on people would be more helpful. However, I do find the non-people presentation to be very artistic in a way. Though, not as helpful. And Karen, of course, you know I love that style:), wonderful choice! And Lent, how creative! Haha, glad someone agrees on the pencil skirt. Stayin' strong though...

  7. i really like your blog! i found it while reading New Dress A Day (I'm obsessed with it). I think we are very similar...I love all things vintage and I just got back from Paris!....I just started my first blog (like just, as in last night)! I too love to sew and I am trying to get into furniture recovering/renovations. we shall see :)

    happy blogging!