Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not buying clothes = spending more on "beauty" products.....295 days to go!!

Ok, I have to admit, I have been spending more on beauty products.  Much like one gets a little boost when wearing a new item of clothing, one can get a little boost from bumping up their appearance with a new hair product or lipstick.  Now, for me to say that I have been spending more on beauty products isn't saying much. I use the cheapest moisturizer I can buy, I use Purpose face soap, cover girl and wet n' wild cosmetics (and not many, at that), Suave for hair....etc. But, lately, with the appearance of a couple of great sales, I have purchased a few beauty products I normally wouldn't.

I've only spent maybe $10-$12 on beauty stuff in the past couple months. And I discovered a fabulous lipstick that was only $1.19....

It's by NYC and it is called "Red Flame." It is kind of a muted, matte Red with gold flecks. It is really subtle on...more so than many red lipsticks. I am not really a "red lipstick" kind of gal generally, but I do like this. It reminds me of a shade of lipstick I loved at Clinique when I worked there. But, needless to say, the price is much nicer! And I actually like the finish of the NYC lipstick better.

Also, I guess for me the thing is that  I always used clothes as a way to "better" myself instantly. A new sweater in a vibrant color could really make me feel more vibrant and pretty, especially when faced with the winter doldrums.  However, I do think that buying a new lipstick vs. buying a new sweater is the more economical choice. And, like I said, it isn't as if I have gone crazy... in other words, no $85 lip gloss here! Seriously, Burberry is selling an $85 lipgloss. WHY?!?!

I have, however, been noticing how much we've saved with my No Shopping policies! Sometimes it takes NOT doing something for awhile to realize a) it is not really needed and b) it is a good thing not to do it. Shopping is like that for me. With a few exceptions, I have realized I don't really need new stuff, and that there are positive consequences for layin' off the clothes-crack.

In other news, my supercrazybusy time in school is simmering down a little, so I will get back to posting some more clothes alterations and transformations soon!!

Also, on a technical note, I received word that a friend of mine left a comment, but I never received it or saw it.  So, I am wondering if I am having some technical issues on this blog. If you've had a problem with commenting or posting something, please let me know! I love everyone's comments and it upsets me to think that I could be missing some of them.

Hope you all have an excellent Halloween tomorrow, as well:)


  1. I love beauty products...almost more than clothes. I may have to explore that NYC lipstick you're advertising :-)

  2. Have you heard of e.l.f.? Most of their stuff is $1 or $3, depending on the line, and most is actually pretty good! has the whole collection; Target has a decent basic collection on display.