Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Siren Song of Old Navy....312 days to go!!!

I've had a checkered past with Old Navy.  I always liked the low prices, but issues of pants fit, sweater quality and inconsistent sizing always held me back.  However, in recent years, especially this season, things are gettin' fashionable up in thur!

Old Navy has started doing Knock Offs of J.Crew items. Anyone who knows me knows that I love J.Crew. Hell, most people I know love J.Crew. J.Crew is awesome. And hella spendy! So, Old Navy knock offs are not only tantalizing and stylish, they are practical!

I have the J.Crew version of this dress. The J.Crew one has a higher quality fabric, but it was a lot more expensive, and they really look exactly the same, especially in person. 

This of the moment dress is truly lovely...I kinda want to either a) buy it or b) just snuggle with it for a bit:

And, shoes. Old Navy shoes really are pretty comfortable. And these are just SO cute!

Also, Old Navy has started some good sales in the past couple years. My favorites are when they have 50% off existing clearance. You can get t-shirts for $1, sweaters for $2, etc. They have especially good clearances for men! I know some people who have gotten most of their wardrobe from those clearances. And they look pretty darn good all the time!

So, today, my brother-in-law was in town. And we went to Old Navy. And I figured out the key to not getting anything...Don't *really* LOOK! Because, let's face it, when you go shopping, you have to LOOK to find the things you want. So, if you just put blinders on, and ignore the in style J.Crew knock offs..everything goes well. I've seen cute items on my classmates and in commercials, but without looking for those items in the store, I really don't WANT those lovely sweaters and ruffled shirts.

So, tell Old Navy hi for me. And Old Navy, you and I will look at exchanging some goods for money in about 312 days!


  1. Oh, yes, I picked up a cute black skirt at Old Navy for $2.00. I've been wearing it nearly weekly for over a year. So versatile and comfy.

  2. Oooo, I love shirt dresses! So classic and pulled-together-looking.

    We don't have an Old Navy:0(
    Last time I was in one though, I tried on a bunch of jeans but they all seemed to be the same odd style. I kept thinking, "Who's shaped like this?!"

  3. Yeah, I've found that either you find a piece there that you wear forever, or that you end up trying stuff on that is like n8swife said..."who is shaped like this?!" Especially with their pants. I gave up on their pants long ago, but I hear now that they are better.

  4. Well. I love my Old Navy argyle. But their jeans were horrible on me. I even looked last. Far, far, far, too much stretch for me. But on some people, they're cute. I also love ON socks. But I just love sock in general.

    Keep strong, A-funk!

  5. I like going to Old Navy during Black Friday, when they have cheap sales and give out free MP3 players. Good job resisting the temptations!

  6. I have a bunch of Old Navy in my closet, and I've worn a lot of Old Navy in my project this year! By the way, after a few months of not shopping you probably won't even miss it! I've only got 74 days left in my year of no shopping and it went by sooo quickly! You'll see!

  7. I'm so excited for you Shelayna...closing in on home stretch! I'm starting to miss it less and less...being super busy helps. Though, I can't say that my outfit combos have been NEAR as creative as yours! Kudos! And Katcoll...yeah, I may have to go to Black Friday to do Christmas shopping for others, esp. if they give out MP3 players! I never knew that!And Karen...I know you love socks. Even socks with kitties on them ;)