Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Already Have Christmas On My Mind!!!....304 days to go

And no, it is not because I want people to buy me clothes:). Actually, I really can't think of any items of apparel that I NEED right now. Although, Nordstrom Rack (heaven for bargain shoppers who love high end brands!) is now online, and they have some good stuff.... However, it is not really that tempting. I'm 61 days down, 304 days to go and more excited about shopping for OTHERS than EVER!

Now, full disclosure on my own gift Mom and Dad did get me a pair of jeans. However, I did not ask them to, and it was a total surprise. One of my original rules is that I can accept clothing gifts, but I cannot ask for clothing gifts. So, that was really nice of them.  And, a nice little clothing infusion!

Now, about Christmas gifts. I find the key to getting good deals on Christmas gifts is to start shopping 3-4 months early! Although I can't really tell exactly what great deals I've found lately (in case any of my loved ones are reading...), I can say that I have a healthy jump start on my Christmas shopping. I found great deals on some clothing items for a family member, some really nice "add-on" gifts for the ladies in my life (there are so many, you know), and we are still hunting for some awesome gifts for our parents. But, having a leg up on Christmas not only eases the mind, but the pocketbook. 

To look for Christmas deals, I just check every day! I mentioned them before, in this post, which tells all about how to use effectively...  Every few days, I'll find a screamin' deal that I know one of my loved ones would love. That's how I handle the folks I don't know what to get. But, for the folks that I DO have a gift in mind, checking slickdeals helps too...I keep a list in my head of the items I want to get for people, and just check for them on slickdeals every day while I look for other good gift deals.

Also, I love browsing for gifts for my female friends. You are sure to get something unique, usually hand made, and you're benefiting the seller and their craft or trade. It's a win-win as far as I can tell!

Responsible living and anti-consumerism are not part of the overall message of my blog, although they are things that I care about on a personal level. However, I just wanted to give a nod to the idea of giving donations to local charities as a Christmas gift. It's the perfect thing for someone who has everything. A couple years ago, I gave my in-laws and and my parents both a card, in addition to their gift, that said that I had donated a turkey to the food share in their name, so that the less fortunate can have a turkey for Christmas. They both really appreciated it, and I know someone else probably did too.

Now, I do have to admit that shopping for others definitely fills any shopping void that was there, though I am not sure how much of one was there really. But, I actually like it more. I like feeling like I just spent money on someone I love instead of myself. 

In other news, I'm terribly behind on posting, it is mid-term season in school, and I've had lots of tests and projects. But, I promise my lackadaisical approach to the blog will not be permanent:). Thanks for stopping by today, good luck with any early Christmas shopping you may do!


  1. It is good to hear from you again! Have you ever considered making homemade gifts. You are a sewer--there are all kinds of ideas for sewing projects.

  2. Glad you're still here... I'd almost given up;0)
    I didn't know you were a student; can totally understand the lack of recent posts now! Hubby is still in school (not to mention working full-time), so I get it.

    I love love love Etsy. I've gotta stop in every morning. We have a great art festival here in town that I look forward to each summer, but Etsy is like Arts Fest 24/7!

  3. Lol, sorry, I didn't want anyone to give up on me!

    I have done the homemade gift thing..and I still like it. But in my fam everyone gives really nice and generous gifts for Christmas(read: $$), so I like to do the same...but sometimes I like to add on a homemade component. It's such a great idea!

    Lol, glad you understand, n8swife! I'm in law school, so when it rains, it pours...test-wise/reading-wise/project-wise. What school is your hubby in? Glad that there's more Etsy lovers out there....and art fests are the best too!!!

  4. Hubby's at Penn State, cramming his four year degree into 8. School half-time is about the best he can do, with having to work full-time as well. We're looking forward to grad school though, when he'll hopefully be able to just focus on his studies and not have to hold another job besides.

    There's something to be said for going straight to college after high school, rather than later in life... Marriage, kids, etc. tend to complicate things a bit.

    We didn't really have our act together when we were graduating high school though. Better late than never:0)

    Sounds like you have your priorities straight though-- Yay you!
    Finishing school before starting a family is sooo much easier than the other way around!

  5. A, you've always had the sweetest of gifts. Your mom, too! How sneaky (and sweet) she and your dad are with the jeans.

  6. n8swife...definitely better late than never! It must be harder though. I do not envy how busy you must both be! But, it's really admirable that he's getting his degree despite the lack of ease!

    And Katie, thanks for the sweet compliment:) It was really sweet of them. You have always been a great gift giver too! :)