Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Having Fun With What You Have....291 Days To Go!!

It is important to make the most of what you have. This week my husband asked me to "model" for him in a photoshoot he has to do for a photo course he is taking. Of course, I agreed...I mean, ya gotta help your hubby out, right? I decided that we should have some fun with it....

Even though I don't have any new clothes, I decided to make a fabulous outfit out of what I have. I wanted something kinda retro, and something that is very chic. So, I went with a Tulle's ( pairing...I got the dress for $2 from a Tulle's sale, and I got the coat for $5 from a Tulle's sale.  I stalked the shoes for months, they are from Nine West. They are $90 shoes, and I found them for a very nice price of $26. I thought that the pairing of a dressy outfit with some fall colors would be really fun.

So, here are some of the I said when I posted these on Facebook...I know it is kind of vain to post so many pictures of one's self. But, I loved the photos my hubby took SO much, I just have to share them. And this is a clothing related blog, so I thought ya'll would appreciate that part of it! So anyway, here's a couple of the photos....

And of course, one of the requisite silly photos...

So there you have it. It was SO  much fun, and it really made me appreciate the wardrobe I have. So, if you ever have a chance, I HIGHLY recommend a fun photo shoot, with a concept behind it that involves a fun pairing of your own clothes! I guarantee you will have a fabulous time, and probably get some great photos out of it, to boot:)


  1. I think your hubby just wanted to show off his hot wife;0)
    The photos turned out great, and that dress is gorgeous! Two bucks, what an unbelievable deal!

  2. n8swife, you are too kind! I don't look this good in real life, my hubby just takes great pictures. I was pretty pleased with the steal on the dress too!!! And thanks Lent, it was super fun!

  3. Actually, I'm so glad to have re-discovered your URL again -- I accidentally deleted my bookmarks last month and couldn't remember the name of the blog! I'm the one who asked if you'd like to be a podcast guest. I'd still love to chat with you about the mending idea and other sewing stuff if you're game -- it could be fun!!! We could work out whatever phone schedule works for you!!! E-mail me if you'd like -- -- hope we can talk soon!!! :-)

  4. That does sound like fun! I enjoy reading your blog, so please keep the posts coming! Great dress and jacket. :-)

  5. Just came across your blog and think this is such a great idea you have come up with! :)

  6. I love your red coat!!! i also just stumble across your blog. i can't wait for whats next =]