Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I hate the term "no 'poo"....230 days to go!!!

So, without being able to shop for clothes, I have to find something else to fill my time:). Naturally, living with less, living simply, sustainable living, etc., are all topics that go hand in hand with a no new clothes challenge. One thing I have always wanted to try was to go "No 'Poo." Now, I hate that term. So, I am searching for a good work alternative. But, it means to cleanse your hair with no shampoo.  Most people will start doing this by using a baking soda was and vinegar rinse. Then, they will taper off to where they use it less and less...sometimes not using anything but water in the end.

Now, the concept makes sense to me.  I mean, shampoo and conditioner are relatively recent additions to the hygiene repetoire. Of course, one could argue that toothbrushing is fairly recent, in a historical sense.  But, it just seems as though we shouldn't NEED shampoo and conditioner. 

I grew out all hair processing I had done on my hair...it's taken about 2 years. I also haven't had a haircut in all that time (I know, I know). So, I've been going more "natural" for awhile. I like my hair texture, color, and look better now than when I had it colored, etc. It is shiny, stronger, more natural body, etc. (which is a big deal for my fine, thin, limp hair!). So, naturally, I wonder if I would like going "no 'poo" (shudder at the term)...

Additionally, I used to have really bad skin. Now, my skin is great. I found that the key is LESS. I only wash my face once a day, and only if I wore makeup that day (which is most days, but I do not wear heavy makeup). I use Purpose bar soap on my face, and the cheapest moisturizer Avon makes. That's about it! My skin is better now than when I used to use expensive cleansers, moisturizers, serums, etc. My Mom has beautiful skin, and she has a really simple routine with regular drugstore products...and I can't believe how wonderful her skin looks! Looks better than people my age!

Anyway, so all of that kind of makes me think that natural and simple is better. Plus, using non-detergents, and more enviro-friendly products is always a huge plus. And, if eventually I could just wash my hair with water...well I'd be super stoked. So, I am thinking of trying it.  Have any if you tried it? Thoughts and opinions? Advice? I guess I'm just kind of thinking out loud here:)


  1. Cool! I've read a lot on this topic, too. But then I started reading about how a lot of people suffer from really scratchy scalps. So I haven't tried the baking soda, just the vinegar.
    Yeah... and the name "no poo". Finally someone else who thinks it's a dumb name!

  2. I was wondering if you'd ever tried it, actually. The vinegar is great...I'm just worried about the oiliness/grossness of hair! Lol. Your hair always looks good, you could get away with it! We should start a new name trend for it. No Sham? Haha:)

  3. I hadn't heard the term "no 'poo"; what an unfortunate name!

    I'd love to find something more natural for my hair. Nowadays I just use whatever... There has to be something natural that works though (and I don't mean a $20 bottle of shampoo from the health food store).

    I use a simple cleanser on my face, then just Olay sensitive skin moisturizer. Same as my mom's used for years, and people often mistake her for my sister.

  4. I only shampoo every other day and am going to decrease to every third day. Given my curls, my hair needs water everyday and a bit o'conditioner. I don't know that I could ever go totally product-less...but I may try in Israel next summer!