Monday, January 3, 2011

Post Finals and Holiday MADNESS!:).....231 days to go!!!

Welllll, finals and holidays are over...and I am back:). I've been rather remiss in my posting, for which I apologize. However, this tends to be a busy time of year for all...personally I am just catching up on The Internet (yes, it needs to be Caught Up On).   I hope you ALL had a WONDERFUL holiday season!

This year, for Christmas, my husband and I found much more joy in giving than getting. Don't get me wrong...we received SO MANY generous wonderful gifts that we love. I'm just saying that we enjoyed giving gifts so much this year.  It was really what we were most excited for.  And, of course, due to bargain shopping, I have been saving up gifts for people since this summer.  Here's a beautifully wrapped gift that my Dad put together:) How creative is he!!!

Silver and White Packages Tied up With Ribbon...(gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do!)

This year, we used re-usable ACTUAL ribbon on gifts, which I got back (I felt kinda bad asking for the ribbon back, but otherwise it would have been disposed of), and will use next year. The paper was recyclable.

We decorated our humble little tree with origami figures, just like last year, but added a few to the "pack." We have a handful of actual, flat ornaments, as well.  It's nice because we can pack all of these flat into an envelope...instead of boxes and boxes of ornaments.  I made the topper out of a sash I found at a fabric store for $3. If I ever get sick of it, I can use it as an accent on a dress! Or even as a throw pillow accent or something...

We did, however, get LED lights for our tree this year. Last year, we used regular, less expensive lights and they burned out TWICE! It was ridiculous. But the upside is that these will last longer, use less energy, and they look awesome when the lights are out....

However, as always, the best moments of the holiday involved the 3 F's...Family Food and Fun (haha!! what did you think I was gonna say?). Here's the gingerbread house my Mom and I made. She wanted to make it pretty...and I had had a lot of wine. can see what happened. We had fun though, which is what counts!

(The tree has fallen down, I went nuts with the icing, and just ate a lot of the candy....good times! Mom was the only reason this gingerbread house looks halfway decent!)

Hope your holidays were spectacular. So, tell me, what are your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS??? I don't have any yet. I guess that means I'm pretty happy with things. But..if I get any, I'll fill ya in!


  1. Just the normal resolutions. Eat healthier, work out more and better, save $$, and be more adult about things. Oh, and be more organized.

  2. I love the wrapping with the silver. Very pretty. As for resolutions, to stop procrastinating, run a few 5k's this year and a few that I posted on my blog that you might find funny. Good luck this year!

  3. It kinda looks like the gingerbread boy is grinning b/c he just vandalized the house, tee hee.

    I bought a ton of gold, red, and brown "real" ribbon after Christmas last year for like 25 cents a spool. It still felt very luxurious to use it on all my gifts this year. (Oh, and I love wrapping gifts too!)

    No New Year's resolutions. I guess by now I've realized that I'm not going to keep them, so why bother... That being said, I have been tweaking my eating/spending/exercise habits over the past 2-3 years, so maybe I don't need to make resolutions(?).