Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school....back to school!

Whenever it is back to school time, I just can't get sweet Adam Sandler's voice out of my head! I'm a grad student, so I am also headed back to school this year, starting next week. And, what is the best thing about going back to school??? NEW CLOTHES!!!!

Well, this year, not so much. New clothes at least take the sting off of having to go back to school, I think that is why there is such a big Back To School push by retailers. For little kids it makes sense, because kids need new clothes because they are growing. But for big kids, such as myself? I haven't been growing in a long time...although Retail Land (similar to Candy Land, but causes more side effects...such as crippling debt for all!!!) probably hopes that my consumerist tendencies will grow.

So, I came to a decision...I don't think Retail Land should dictate when I get new clothes...this year, or any other year.  So, I'll just keep on wearing my plain, ol' boring clothes and hope that I don't lose any popularity contests for it!

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