Friday, August 20, 2010

So what is this all about?

That is a really good question. What the hell am I doing?  Well, I'm a big clothing and shoes fan. I'm thrifty about it, and I am not a shopaholic...but, money spent on clothes and shoes is a large part of my expendable budget.  I love fashion, and bargain hunting. The two go together surprisingly well! But, I have everything I need, and I keep slowly adding more, just because I can.  It's not necessary, and I'd like to challenge myself to try something new. So, I am challenging myself to shop less, save more, and stop filling up my closet.

So, here are my rules:
1. I will not spend any money on clothes or shoes for an entire year. (I winced as I typed that)
2. I can replace socks and underwear IF something wears out (I'm really not a fan of underwear with holes in them...)

I'll be posting my trials and tribulations as I go along.  I will also be trying to track my savings by adding up how much I've saved on items I would have purchased. Please follow, encourage, heckle, or whatever you desire. I'd just love to hear your thoughts, and what you think of this challenge!


  1. Is it acceptable to keep some kind of registry for friends and relatives, so that if they want to buy you something pretty, and clothing-related, and not unmentionables, we can go there and have a clue? Or is this cold turkey, and we are not allowed to enable? So many rules.

  2. Good question, big sis! I should have included that information. I have decided that if I get clothes as a gift, I can accept them. And if one of my lovely family members wants to know what I want, I'll let them know. I figure this is ok because I will not have spent money on it, and that is the point of this challenge. Thanks for stopping by, by the way, and being my first comment!:) <3

  3. Good luck with this, my dear! If anyone can do this, you can; with all your cleverness about such things. But I know your love for clothing and shoes, so I'll "enable" by not mentioning all the great deals I find. :)