Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fix That Drawstring!.....339 Days To Go!!!

Drawstrings in pants are a pain in the ass. They come out when you are washing pants, they wind everything else in the wash load into a giant ball, they get tied up, they get tangled, the list goes on. But, here's one thing I can actually help you with: putting a drawstring back into your pants after it has come out!

This may seem simple. Well, because it IS simple. But you would be astounded by the number of people who would pay me to put a drawstring back in their pants. That's right, they'd pay me my full hourly rate just to put a drawstring back in. Astounding!

I was looking through my lil' basket of (from my post on my basket of projects...) and I found a pair of sweatpants that had simply lost its drawstring. So I decided to fix it today. I mean, it is getting to be sweatpants weather.  These aren't fancy sweatpants. Nor are they sexy. But, they are comfy. Meet the sweatpants:

Here's how to put a drawstring back into a waistband!

1) Round up a drawstring to put into the pants. You can use 2 shoelaces (clean shoelaces, or new shoelaces) tied together with a square knot, you can use a cord purchased from the fabric store, you can sew this case, I used an old drawstring I took out of a pair of yoga pants that didn't need a drawstring.

2) Round up some safety pins. I like to use a big one and a little one. Or, in more scientific terms, a 2" one and a 1" one.

3) Anchor one end of the drawstring onto the pants, by the holes, with the big safety pin.

4) Attach the little safety pin to the other end of the drawstring. This will be the end that you push through the waistband.

5) Push the little safety pin and attached drawstring into one of the waistband holes. 

6) You are going to use the safety pin to navigate the drawstring through the waistband. Gather fabric up onto the drawstring...

7) And then hold onto the safety pin and pull straighten the fabric. This will move the safety pin and drawstring along through the waistband. Keep doing this....

8) Here's what it will look like when you are about halfway done

9) When you get all the way around, pull the little safety pin and drawstring end out through the hole on the other side, like this:

10) Once you get the end of the drawstring to the other side, pull the 2 ends of the drawstring (after unhooking the anchored end) until they are about even. 

11) Working your way out from the center, work the waistband over the drawstring until it is even.

12) Shazzam, your pants are fixed!!! Congrats:)

Now isn't that easy? Hopefully you'll never go drawstring-less again:)

p.s. This literally took only 5 minutes. Oh, and leave a comment if you have a question or problem!


  1. How do you fix a bra one the wire keeps coming out? The bra needs the wire.

  2. Haha love your post.. my mom and I have been doing this for years. ;-)

    Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to FINALLY make my own blog.. I always wanted to do one about different ways to save money and stay financially organized, but I always got too lazy. My goal is to do one tip/post a day. Thanks!

    (If you wanted to check it out... )

  3. Katcoll, I hand stitch over the site where the wire keeps popping out. I stitch over it a lot. Then, I often will add a dab of Fray Stop, the most miraculous substance on the planet...I think that is the name of it, it comes in a purple and turquoise tube.

    And Bindiya, thanks for writing:) your blog is fabulous, thanks for sharing it!!

  4. Hey, I just discovered your blog last week and am having fun following your exploits. I have an invitation for you! Would you consider being a guest on my podcast, GreenStitch? It's all about eco-friendly (and, ergo, budget-friendly) sewing projects. You can find me here ( ) or on iTunes. It really struck me that, while just MENDING the stuff we have may not be a particularly flashy or exciting thing, it's one thing many people just don't even THINK of anymore when it comes to avoiding throwing stuff out and saving on buying new stuff. I would love to get some of your tips and tricks on mending as a green practice. Whaddayathink? If you like the idea, just email me through my Google account and I can email questions directly to you. Hope we can talk soon!

  5. Anne,

    Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the invitation! I'd love to do a guest podcast! I couldn't figure out what your google email was (maybe I'm just being a tech-idiot there). I'm really busy right now so it may be hard to squeeze in, but we'll sure try. I look forward to talking soon:)

  6. This was very helpful - thanks! - Jeff

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