Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Do You Scrub Out?....326 day to go.....!!!!

As much as I'd love to put on the image that I am immaculately dressed at all times, and that I sleep in elaborate satin negligees and high heels...that's just not me!  Although it'd be wonderful to be so glamorous and fabulous at all times, I find no greater joy than in taking off my skirt n' heels at the end of the day and slipping into some sweats n' slippers:). Yes, indeed, I LOVE my scrubby clothes.

Here are the 3 components to an awesome scrubby "outfit" (in my view. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts):

1) Sweatpants. Or yoga pants. Either way, they just have to be comfy. Here is a pair of my husband's Air Force sweatpants, from 12 years ago, that I have stolen. They are the ultimate in comfy.:

2) Slippers. I love my fuzzy L.L.Bean slippers, and I am not trying to advertise for the company. I just love them, and they last a long time. And the tread on the bottom means I can wear them out of the house...not that I'd do such a thing.  I felt really dumb taking this picture...but I love my slippers so much, they deserve a portrait, right?

3) ROBE. I Love Robe, almost as much as I Love Lamp. I have...(counting in my head)...9 robes. 10 if you count the one I often steal from my husband (I can't help it, it is fuzzy).  You might refer to me as a Robe Enthusiast. Robes are essential, especially during the winter in my area. It gets COLD.

So, tell me, how do you scrub out? And, do you ever steal your male companion's clothes because they are comfy? I gotta say, the Air Force makes some NICE sweatpants!


  1. I'm a big fan of Yoga pants, Tank tops (ones with support helps!), and a pair of flip flops if I do have to go out.

    I mean, of course, I wear designer clothes, and my stilettos are actually a part of my feet. *nods*

    My husbands clothes are my favorite sick clothes. If I'm not feeling well, a shirt that he's worn can cheer me up. Must be the smell of him.

  2. I love sweatpants and yoga pants (and soccer shorts when its hot). And t-shirts galore. All super baggy and comfy. That's the best. But, me? I go barefoot. That's the most comfy. Maybe with fuzzy socks or flip flops if I am going in the backyard.

  3. Alicia, I love wearing my husband's clothes when I am sick, as well. I dunno what it is, but they are comforting! And it looks like sweatpants and yoga pants are pretty universal. When it's hot I also wear athletic shorts. Lent, I used to love going barefoot before we had hardwood...but hardwood is just so..hard. Lol. But I admire your barefootedness!!!

  4. During the Texas Summer all I wear is a LONG tank top. Nothing else. Too hot for anything else! But in the winter I wear a baggy sweat shirt and sweat pants. And no, I don't borrow hubby's sweats. I like my own clothes better.

    I do have about 10 robes though if you count the flimsy lingerie robes I have. But really, I only have 3 winter robes. That's more than enough for a Texas winter, which is short & mild. We freeze to death if it's 50 degrees.

  5. We live in a college town, where the official go-to scrub outfit is a "University" t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Can't say I've ever gone that route myself, but my tweenage daughter has (yes, even out in public).

    No robes in our house (we used to own them, but they were never used). Zip-up hoodies instead!

  6. Let's be honest: black yoga pants, husband's big t-shirt, and sans brassiere! The girls getting to breathe = big-time comfy! Haha!

  7. I usually just take off my tiara.