Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Panties and Bras and Discounts, Oh My!! 353 days to go

Luckily, part of my challenge to myself is that I CAN buy underwear when it actually wears out. Nothin' sexy about hole-y underwear.  However, I usually don't spend any money on my underwear, anyway (I always preferred to spend it on clothes and shoes)!  And no, I don't sew my own...(I tried it a few times..and that is another story for another day...). So, today, I am gonna tell you my bargain shopping tips for underwear!

First, check out these AWESOME men's underwear (which I prefer to call Manties):

They're designed to protect one's....kibbles n' bits...from windy conditions. I just think they are funny.  And they are panties, so they apply to this post!

Anyway! I get most of my undies for free, as I mentioned. And where do I do that? I go to Victoria's Secret! I'm not a huge fan of big corporate chain stores. I prefer to keep it local. But in this case, I just can't say no to free. So, here's what you need to do if you want some free undies:

1) Sign up at a Victoria's Secret (or for their Angel rewards credit card/club. IT IS FREE, and no they won't spam you all the time. You don't have to use the credit card to get free underwear. And I'm sorry if this seems like a blatant advertisement, that is not my intention. Just trying to share the bargain tips!

2) They will send you ALL KINDS of Free Panty cards in the mail. I swear I get one, or more than one, every 1-2 months (it varies). That is more than enough to replenish a panty supply.

3) Take the card down to VS, show a sales associate the card you have and they will show you where to get the free underwear. Only certain colors are free, so make sure you are getting one of the right colors.

4) Ignore the hard sells from the VS gals. They've gotten better about this, but, just in case...

5) Congrats, you have some free underwear!

Also, if you are signed up for the Angel reward card thing, you get a number of $10 off of a purchase of $10 or more coupons throughout the year. So, you can get something for free at that point, as well. I got one $10 off of $10 coupon for my birthday for an online purchase, one $10 off of $10 for an in-store, and a couple others at other times during the year

On the topic of bras...the Victoria's Secret big semi-annual sales are a good place to stock up on bras. And, as odd as it sounds, eBay is a great place to get Victoria's Secret bras at a discount. VS sells a lot of their overstock to wholesalers who turn around and hock it on eBay for better prices.

And, I'm not saying brands like Hanes, or Fruit of the Loom, etc., aren't good brands. But, I've had great luck with VS underwear (I seriously still have underwear from VS that I bought in high school. Which was almost 10 years ago. That may be over sharing....ok, it is definitely over sharing....but it is just an example of the quality). And, like I said, you can keep your underwear stock replenished completely for free!

Tune in tomorrow for more bargain tips....they may not be groundbreaking, but hey, they work! Happy shopping to you:) (and happy NO shopping to me)! I don't wish I could shop right now, but I DO wish I could curl up with one of these awesome Nanaimo bars right now! (google it and make some. You'll be glad you did:))

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