Sunday, September 5, 2010

Projected Projects...349 days to go!

Hey all:) Hope this Labor Day weekend is treating you well! So, for my upcoming series, I plan to tackle my alterations/mending crate, and to show you how to do some of the projects. I'm going to have to do these projects as time allows (school is pretty demanding at the, but I hope to get through the ENTIRE crate! Here's the aforementioned crate:

So, please, stay tuned for this upcoming series that will take....god knows how long! Watch out, crate, my friend and I are coming for you....

Yah, that's right. My friend is a sewing machine. But it is pretty bad ass. And yeah, my sewing machine lives in front of the rack we use for pool and dart storage. Maybe that's how it got so awesome.

Until then, I hope your weekend is going great, and thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned!


  1. There is a pink number in there just dying to come out and play! See it peaking out?

  2. Haha:) I do! So, you're a fan of pink stuff? That's a little cardigan that is adorable but missing some buttons. I need to get new buttons and replace them all! That'll be a fun, and brief project!

  3. I happened to have a closet of my own full of unfinished projects! My goal is to finish them as well! Kat