Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Which Weird Trend Are You Gonna Rock?.....334 days to go!

One thing I do not miss about shopping is all the weird trends. There are fun trends, like the resurgence of adorable-y vintage oxfords...these are mine today...(and yes, I even sepia-toned them to up the vintage feel! Haha!)

But there are some weird-ass trends...like boots with spats (from piperlime.com):

SPATS! Vintage, but not adorable. Especially with boots.

And socks with open-toed shoes (from urbanoutfitters.com):

Is this a recession inspired fashion? Like, trying to get more out of your summer footwear?

Or one of my all time favorites (not!)...JEGGINGS! (from ae.com):

One thing I think is important is to not wear trends that have their own word designed around them (such as jeggings). Most people who have tried "jeggings" on know that truly, only models can wear them and *really* look good in them!

Now, don't get me wrong, there are always fashionistas out there that can pull these looks off. And I have mad respect for them! However, I don't think they are generally a good idea. But, then again, I can play it rather conservative...today someone told me I look quite J.Crew. Of course, I take that as a compliment, but I also realize I could get a little more trendy, at least when I can shop again.

But for the time being, I'm glad I can't shop because I have yet another excuse to not partake in the recent odd trends. Please do tell which weird trend you'd rock, or any other weird trends you can think of!:)


  1. I am totally with you on this one! What a great year to give up clothes! The fashion industry is just going through their attics and pulling out the worst fashions they can remember and the kids are buying them like hot cakes.

    Please...ladies, stop wearing short shorts and tights. Really. It is not acceptable attire for any occasion. And genie pants? Really? OMG

    haha. I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Found your blog through Marissa's "New Dress a Day". Now I stop by every morning:0)

    I've never given up flannels, despite the fact that they've been "out" since the late nineties.

    I'm kinda lovin' the plaid cowboy-inspired shirts I've seen lately (with a more girlish cut).

  3. Cassie, you are the best, lol. You really crack me up. Thank you for adding to the list of BAD fashion ideas, your suggestions are certainly horrific! I think the fashion industry is just floundering to find something "new" from their old stuff.

    And n8swife, thanks for visiting! I just love Marissa's blog. Anyway, I think anything can be worn if worn with authority, which is what I am sure you do with your flannels:). And I love the cowboy inspired shirts too, I totally have one. However, I don't think they'd look good with tights, shorts, and open toed shoes! Lol:)

  4. I don't get the feathers trend. How in the world do you launder a shirt/dress/etc with feathers? Is it "use once and destroy" fashion?

    I really really tried explaining to my 7 year old why you can't wear (lemon yellow) tights and denim cut offs. I couldn't come up with a good enough reason (it just looks funny!!) She did cave and wear jeans...

  5. Anonymous, that is hilarious about your 7 year old. Kids get the funniest fashion urges, but sometimes they can really make it work!

    Yeah, and I dunno about feathers, that is a great point! I'd hate to use an item once and have to get rid of it. Ah, the strange and wondrous world of fashion....